Blusteel Homes can supply any of their plans as a kit and have 30 years experience in supplying kits to owner builders.

As a Family business we understand that to have a brand new home sometimes you have perform some of the work or even just owner manage the project, either way you will save considerable sums of money – especially if you keep us in the loop on the progress of your project.

We have a trusted quality system which enables you to build at a convenient pace without having the entire home kit delivered at once.

We supply our homes in six stages but we don’t expect you to pay for any more than that stage before it is transported to you, there are some transport costs but our suppliers do their best to ensure deliveries are efficient and the freight is usually no more than $ 1,000 dollars for a Victorian delivery and $ 2,000 for interstate.


During certain months we are able to offer an incentive of free freight to site.

As well as showing you how to build your own home using our Construction Manual, we show you how to manage the building process too, answers to your questions are only a phone call or email away.

Again if you wish to participate in the inclusion of White goods and Plumbing goods we can offer you a very efficient and cost-effective package.


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